mnmLIST 100-thing challenge

Here's something new that I saw one day and immediately wanted in on.

I ran across the blog of a guy who challenged himself to own less than 50 things. It started out being a 100-thing challenge, which sounds like something I could attain, even with my love of gadgets and "things-with-cords." Fortunately, books are not included.

I'm taking the 100 thing challenge because I tend to have a lot of clutter. Unlike Mr. Babauta, I'm going to break a couple rules by:

1. Not counting regular clothing or shoes (I think most of my clutter problem lies in other areas)


2. Not counting small gadgetry or items that are part of a larger whole. For example, I'm going to count ALL my golf equipment as 1 thing (otherwise, I'd probably be close to 100 things just because of golf).

The List (beginning stages...just trying to identify the things I plan on keeping)

  1. Car, 1996 Pontiac Grand Am GT
  2. Motorcycle, 1981 Honda CX500 C (and helmet, gloves, vest, etc.)
  3. Digital Piano (and cord, stand, sheet music)
  4. Acoustic Guitar (and case)
  5. Golf bag
  6. Shotgun, Remington 1100 12-gauge (and required accessories)
  7. Target Pistol, Ruger Mk2, .22 caliber
  8. Laptop, Sony (and cord)
  9. Laptop, NEC (and cord)
  10. Cell phone and cord
  11. R/C Airplane, trainer (and batteries, chargers, etc.)
  12. R/C Airplane, jet
  13. R/C Helicopter
  14. Watch, Fossil
  15. Watch, calculator
  16. Bike
  17. Tall bike
  18. Microwave
  19. Camping/outdoorsy equipment crate
  20. Craftsman 300-piece mechanic's set
  21. Tool bag
  22. Tool box
  23. Sirius satellite radio (which doesn't work)
  24. Air compressor
  25. CD collection
  26. Graphing calculator
  27. Flashlight, Streamlight TL-3 incan
  28. Flashlight, Mag-Lite 4D incan
  29. Flashlight, Task-Force 3W Luxeon LED
  30. Headlamp, Bass Pro 1W Luxeon LED
  31. Streamlight Stylus, white
  32. Streamlight Stylus, green (I like my flashlights...)
  33. Pitch pipe
  34. Sunglasses
  35. Baseball cap
  36. Wide-brim hat
  37. Suitcase, Samsonite hard-sided
  38. Duffel bag, leather
  39. Backpack, small
  40. Backpack, large internal frame
  41. Roadside emergency kit
  42. Dremel tool and bag
  43. --  100. Various crap and clutter I haven't listed yet!